torsdag 7 april 2011

Who's Kimiko?

My early fans know that Kimiko was and is my first UTAU.
She was created two months before Miki and released one day before him. She has pink hair and a gigantic ahoge/cow lick on the top of her head. She likes gaming and hitting people with chop sticks.
Over the past year, I've been neglecting Kimiko - partly because she is hard to record, but more importantly due to the fact that the fangirls went nuts for Miki. Seriously - every single comment I got went something like "MIKI DESU KAWAII SUGOI OOH" XD Not that I didn't like it(I love you), I just started neglecting Kimiko because of that :3 My voice is naturally pretty high pitched, which UTAU does not like /facepalm/ so yeah. She is /very/ hard to record..

That's right. Exciting, huh? Kimiko's getting a full, re-recorded vb ~ I'm very excited about it and I hope you'll like her as much as you used to ^^ Kimiko used to be the star of Purutau before Miki came along. I guess it's because she's a girl, huh? Maybe if she showed some skin.... *brick'd*

Uh so yes. Please support Kimiko and wait for her return~ I promise you it'll be VERY awesome.
Kimiko's Wikia page
Kimiko on YouTube
Kimiko on Deviantart

And just to get the ball rolling.. here's her comeback video, "Rolling Girl" :D
Please tell me what you think by commenting the video.

and here's another demo/cover;

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