tisdag 26 april 2011

Fixing Recordings (UTAU Tutorial)

I've noticed that a lot of people are having trouble with recordings, screaming in UTAU etc. So here's how I usually fix that (may not apply to everyone's problems, sorry orz)

Here we have a sound that goes "NIII"(almost like screaming or blowing upp the speakers) instead of "niii" like we want, it sounds bad and ruins the song. There's two ways to fix this problem, and you fix them accordingly to which one of these reasons, if...

  • ...The sound has always done this, and never sounds good. To fix this, delete the sound's(for example, the sound "sa") .wav (which for example would be sa.wav) and the .frq file (sa.frq). After you've done this, re-record your sound. Close and re-open UTAU and try the sound, hopefully it sounds nice now!
  • ...The sound has only done this once or a few times before, and it's gone either really quiet or really loud. To fix this, we have to change our resampler from resampler.dll to resampler.exe, as the .dll version is what causes this. This is a common mistake, so don't worry.

    If neither of these solutions work or reasons apply to you, I recommend visiting VocaloidOtaku.net and asking the forum for help :3

    Soundquality - Recording nice recordings

    Remember you have to record your sounds so that they are about 2 - 3sec long each. Don't scream into the mic, and don't whisper. Listen to your recording before exporting it to your voicebank and you'll have a couple of good recordings :3 Recording, listening and re-recording is the key to a nice voicebank. Don't get lazy and "leave bad recordings be" because you don't feel like fixing them, no one wants to use a voicebank with lots (or even just a few) bad recordings. They can ruin whole songs.

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