FAQ & Feedback

Hopefully this page will help you with some of your questions.. if not, just message me on YouTube, DeviantArt or Twitter! ^^


What's UTAU?
UTAU is a vocal synthesizer much like Vocaloid. UTAU allows the user to record sampler of their voice (in forms of syllables, like ka, ga etc), save them as .wav files and use them to create a singing voice in the UTAU program. I recommend reading more on the UTAU Wikia page on this subject! ^^'
You can download UTAU here, and read more here

Can I use your UTAUs in any way I want?
No. You have to follow the Terms of Use. If you're uncertain, please ask me.

Did you voice all of the Purutaus?
Yeah I did/do x'D I love voicing them all <3

Are you a girl or a boy?
Not telling, because that would make some of my fanboys sad TTvTT;; aaah~ sorry guys! But I think it's fairly obvious, ain't it? o v o

Can I use your USTs?
Of course! As long as you credit me, they're free to use ^^

Can I use your UST, edit it and then re-distribute it? I'll credit you!
If we've talked about it, yes. In any other case, NO.

May I trace your drawings/create a pitchloid out of one of your UTAUs?
Never never never EVER may you do this, don't even bother asking me >:T

How long does it take you to make a new voicebank?
'bout 1week... after that it's just re-recording, otoing etc xD that whole process takes me about 2 months, but I like to keep the bank for myself until it's perfect :3 then it's finished ^^ I don't like to rush things

Can I use your UTAU?
Yeah! You don't actually have to ask for permission to use any of them, but please tell me if you do ^^ I'd love to hear it!

Can I draw your UTAUs?

Can you make a tutorial on how to ___?
If you send me a PM with a tutorial request, I'll probably do it for you ^^ Can't make any promises though.


If you want to send me feedback, please talk to me through YouTube, DeviantArt or Twitter! ^^