UTAU Voicebanks

Hello, and thank you for being interested in downloading one of my UTAU's voicebanks!
  • I will upload all of the current voicebanks, appends and updates that are made for the Purutaus. If there's a voicebank you want that is now listed here, try searching my YouTube account for it (it may not have been released yet, either), I always try to update this as much as I can.
  • If a voicebank isn't released yet, it means it's not ready to be used for all songs yet. If you ask me, I might send you the beta voicebank (the unfinished one). Keep in mind that a beta voicebank is NOT finished yet and may lack sounds or otos.
  • BETA voicebanks are never uploaded here.
Please remember to read the TERMS OF USE at the bottom of this page. If you do not follow those terms or are unable to, please refrain from using any of these voicebanks. Doing so will lead to copyrighting consequences.
    the most recent voicebank will be marked with bold text.
    Older voicebanks may not be up for download.

      VOICEBANKS [download] 
      KIMIKO HIDENE v.20 (standalone CV)Info: a female voice designed to sing pop songs. Beginner-friendly and works best with B0H5 flags

      MIKI YUKINE ACT2.5 normal/advanced(standalone CV) 
      Info: Recorded with a high quality micrphone, this voice is that of a young boy's.
      MIKI YUKINE ACT2.5 LITE(standalone CV) 
      Info: Recorded with a high quality microphone. This version is for those who don't know what p2p3 or an oto.ini is.

      WHATSHISNAME v1.0 (standalone CV)
      Info: A very soft, deep male voicebank recorded with a high quality microphone.



      Miki Yukine 2.5 CV-VC (soft and strong)
      Info: a complicated bank you need to be an experienced user to wield

      These are rules that MUST be followed when using the voicebank of any Purutau. More specific rules are stated in a readme.txt coming with the voicebanks you download, but keep in mind that those stated in the readme may not be new - THESE terms are always the newest ones, and the ones you are agreeing to.

      • Remember to ALWAYS read the readme file/Allowed Usage.txt before using any of my UTAUs. This is because I want to prohibite the voicebanks from being used wrongly - for example, do not create any pornographic, rasist, flaming etc. material with them. It is strictly prohibited to use the voicebanks in any way that contradicts with the established Allowed Usage.txt. If you're not sure about it, you can always contact me. Otherwise you must be ready to take responsibility for your actions as Purutau is NOT involved in your creating with the voicebanks. Neither are you allowed to pitch the voicebank, edit the samples or in any way edit the voicebank to create another fictional character or pitchloid from it. Creating characters which are not already established won't be allowed unless you ask me, Purufufuru, for permission. Using flags within the UTAU program is allowed as long as the results do not contradict with the rules.
      • The most important part of the readme.txt is that you may NOT use these voicebanks commercially, for pornographic material, claim them as your own, edit the samples, create sub-characters from them, edit their info, re-upload the voicebanks etc.
      • Keep in mind that by downloading one of these voicebanks, you are agreeing to these Terms of Use.
      • ALL of the voicebanks use these Terms of Use, even if it doesn't specifically say so in their readme.txt file. These Terms are the latest ones, and the ones you are agreeing to when downloading any of these voicebanks.