fredag 14 oktober 2011

Miki Yukine CV-VC VP released!

I've always looked up to people who manage with CV-VC, so I tried to make my own!!

This is a Voicepack - or VP for short - which means it's a folder you put into the "base" voicebank to add more sounds, which in this case is his two CV-VC banks going into his 2.5 bank.
You use the SOFT bank by putting a * as a suffix in the CV-VC notes, and to use his normal(or STRONG) CV-VC, you just write in the aliases.
This was made with my own reclist, and oto'd using Leanloid's method. I think Miki is the first UTAU to have appends in a CV-VC bank, huh, haha xD
I recommend using his normal CV-VC though. Ofc you'll have to tune it a bit if you need to, it's my first ever CV-VC.

UST1(Nameless Song) by UtauReni
UST 2(Circus Monster) by GintakuP
Illustration, mixing and video by me

So yeah, here's the download:

I did a small tutorial near the end as well for those of you who really want to give the VP a shot, and then I added two final comparisions. Since Miki soft CV-VC is actually based on normal Miki 2.5's CV, it's NOT an append. It just makes him sound softer with the F0 flag.

**What is CV-VC, you ask?**
Well it's basically CV with added VC sounds, so that a UST which previously went "warae nai hanashi" becomes "wa ar ra ae e en n na ai ih ha an na ash shi" with the help of the sounds recorded. Uhm it's a /pretty/ complicated and /ADVANCED/ thing and it's also very new, so if you're not familiar with UTAU or CV-VC I suggest you do NOT use this.

This was actually only recorded for an UST Lean is about to release, he told me that he was gonna have Zo record CV-VC for Nitomi's next act so that the UST would sound better, and so Miki was the only one without a CV-VC bank. This is... a gift, or whatever, I guess? Ha! Have fun anyways.

måndag 26 september 2011

Miki Yukine 2.5 Voicebank release!!

Yep, now he's released, too!
Now all I've got to do is oto his VCV and release Kimiko, right? OTL|||

His range is C4~C5, but he can actually sing from C3~C6 if you want him to. He works best with resampler.exe so I strongly advice you use that. You can download him here or watch the video on YouTube;

torsdag 8 september 2011

Whatshisname v1.0 release!!

Finally, he's released!
Whatshisname(or Dare) is a deep male-voice VB I created a while back. He is recorded with a high quality microphone and counts as the third Puruta, or PU03. He sounds best around C3 ~ C4 and with the flags B0Y0
I recorded him with AudaCity, Yoyopines is going to oto his CV-VC later.

He's voiced by me, Puru, without the use of any pitch-editing program. That's seriously my voice!!

You can download him here
Or read more about him here

söndag 21 augusti 2011

Swedish Reclist + UST updates

This is a song sung by Swedish Pop-artist Veronica Maggio, it's called "Jag Kommer"(/I'm Coming). I'll be making an UST of this song as a demo for Miki's and Kimiko's Swedish VP(VoicePack)

I'm releasing the Swedish reclist here for you all to use ;w;
If you need help with pronunciation, just ask! <3

Download the reclist here!