lördag 5 februari 2011

Some updates and recent stuff

Currently I've been working A LOT with a secret project of mine *ohoho, she's in the UTAU wiki and I bet you could find her if you wanted to..* at the same time as I've been trying to figure out Miki's VCVs. I'm no good at all with VCV, recording is fine but just... the otos are killing me! I just don't get it, though I use the values I got from a friend.. orz if anyone would like to help me (PLEASE) send me a PM and I'll send you a download of his VCVs. Remember though, if you apply for doing his VCVs I expect you to finish them! owo of course I'll credit you >w< it'd be A LOT of help, kthx.
And also, I've been trying to record a "soft Miki", since his VCVs are kind of "dark Miki". Soft sounds pretty nice, it's just a hassle not breathing too much when recording him. I'll try to get me another microphone so that he'll sound better~ it's confusing stuff I tell you.
Kimiko Hidene v3 is coming a long nicely! She sounds very calm and cutesy, and she blends fairly well in chrouses *SCORE*. I'll try to upload some stuff with her later on - Miki has apparantly beaten her in popularity.. how that happened is a mystery to me.....

Kimi Midorine v1.5 is actually sounding very realistic! So look forward to her as well~ she's at the UTAU wiki for those of you who want to know more about her.

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