lördag 5 februari 2011

Sharing information

Yep. I thought I'd share some info for you all on where to find me.

Here you can find me on YouTube
Here you can find me on Deviantart
    → Here you can find my UTAUs 
    → Here you can find me on Twitter

On most websites, I'm either named Purufufuru, PuruCyan or MirukuDesu

Also, I thought I'd promote the new project I'm working on! I'm going to collect a WHOLE LOT of UTAU seiyuus and ask them to record a song (right now it's bound to be Spice! or Meltdown) which we will mix into a chorus. It'll be awesome :3 like the IRL UTAU covers I've been doing, but a whole chorus. If you're interested, please PM my YouTube n__n

→ I'll be making some new tutorials later on as well. Look forward to lots of Purutau related stuff ovo
→ Recording of Miki Yukine VCV is almost finished~ there's just a small amount of samples left. I'm still looking for someone who wants to oto those files - if you're interested, comment or PM me on YouTube!
→ Kimiko Hidene v3 will probably come with a Lite VCV - but that depends on if I can figure out the otos or not. Once again, asking for help. 

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