fredag 14 oktober 2011

Miki Yukine CV-VC VP released!

I've always looked up to people who manage with CV-VC, so I tried to make my own!!

This is a Voicepack - or VP for short - which means it's a folder you put into the "base" voicebank to add more sounds, which in this case is his two CV-VC banks going into his 2.5 bank.
You use the SOFT bank by putting a * as a suffix in the CV-VC notes, and to use his normal(or STRONG) CV-VC, you just write in the aliases.
This was made with my own reclist, and oto'd using Leanloid's method. I think Miki is the first UTAU to have appends in a CV-VC bank, huh, haha xD
I recommend using his normal CV-VC though. Ofc you'll have to tune it a bit if you need to, it's my first ever CV-VC.

UST1(Nameless Song) by UtauReni
UST 2(Circus Monster) by GintakuP
Illustration, mixing and video by me

So yeah, here's the download:

I did a small tutorial near the end as well for those of you who really want to give the VP a shot, and then I added two final comparisions. Since Miki soft CV-VC is actually based on normal Miki 2.5's CV, it's NOT an append. It just makes him sound softer with the F0 flag.

**What is CV-VC, you ask?**
Well it's basically CV with added VC sounds, so that a UST which previously went "warae nai hanashi" becomes "wa ar ra ae e en n na ai ih ha an na ash shi" with the help of the sounds recorded. Uhm it's a /pretty/ complicated and /ADVANCED/ thing and it's also very new, so if you're not familiar with UTAU or CV-VC I suggest you do NOT use this.

This was actually only recorded for an UST Lean is about to release, he told me that he was gonna have Zo record CV-VC for Nitomi's next act so that the UST would sound better, and so Miki was the only one without a CV-VC bank. This is... a gift, or whatever, I guess? Ha! Have fun anyways.

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