måndag 20 juni 2011

an UTAU CD?? OMG /shot

As some of you've already heard, I will release a UTAU CD soon! It will be packed with 9 tracks in total, plus 1 bonus track and 1 secret track!! O3O

CD title/name: Interpretations
Artist(s): Kimiko Hidene, Miki Yukine
Download source: MediaFire

Tracklist(may change);
0. INTRO~!! Please listen?
1. Like, Dislike
2. Soundless Voice
3. Sky High
4. Starry Sky
5. No Logic
6. Matryoshka
7. Butterfly On Your Right Shoulder
8. Butterfly On Your Right Shoulder
9. Juvenile
13. Bonus Track!! Rin Rin Signal (sung by Puru)
14. Secret Track!! UTAU drama featuring Kimiko & Miki
15. OUTRO~!! Thank you for listening!

This CD will be totally free and downloadible from Mediafire in the near future. I will use both VCV and CV for these songs, and all the UST makers will be credited in the tracks! I really hope you'll enjoy this CD, I'm putting hard work into it as we speak!! The final CD art will take a while, however.. and the CD name is engrish on purpose -w- FUFUFU.
Anyways, tell me what you think and I'll try to change stuff so that you'll enjoy these songs~ after all, I'm doing this for you guys OTL

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