söndag 20 mars 2011

How to Create a Character/Readme file and picture for your UTAU

Hello, this is a tutorial in how to create a readme and character and add a picture file for your UTAU.

This is a character file - it shows when you select a UTAU or click the icon in the upper left corner of the screen.
To create a characterfile, we'll start off with this.
PIC.bmp = this is where the picture/drawing will be
CHARACTER.TXT = the name of your UTAU + act?
README.TXT = information - this is not necessary, but you can write anything you want here :3

Take a drawing(or draw a new one) and make it 100x100 pixels - the save it as a .bmp (it WILL NOT WORK IF THE SIZE AND FILE TYPE ISN'T RIGHT), when you're done, name it whatever you want (like pic.bmp) and add it to your UTAU's folder.

Create two .txt documents - one character.txt and one readme.txt, add them to your UTAU's folder as well.

Open the character.txt and copy this information:
name= the name of your UTAU
author= your name or your alias on the internet
image= the pic.bmp we created (or whatever you named it)

now paste it into the character file. Close the file and SAVE IT.

Open the readme and write any information you want! :3 This is Miki's readme.txt file, for example ^^ close and save.

Open UTAU - done~!

10 kommentarer:

  1. M-My picture file isnt showing in UTAU....can you help me? ;_;

  2. This worked great! At least on my Mac... But now I can make a professional looking UTAU! Thank you SO much!

  3. Min bild vill inte visas. Den är i hans fil, 100x100 pixlar och i bmp men den gömmer sig fortfarande >_<

  4. Wtf with the picture, seriously ^^ ...... I try other ways to type the root of the image on "character.txt", but it won't work at all...

    1. Take a drawing(or draw a new one) and make it 100x100 pixels - the save it as a .bmp (it WILL NOT WORK IF THE SIZE AND FILE TYPE ISN'T RIGHT)

  5. All the image properties were right but it still wouldn't work!!

  6. hi im having the same problem as everyone else with the pic, ive checked the files of an utau that isnt mine that works and its the right dimensions, do you know how to fix it?

  7. i have the same problem!!!! i made a pic into a bpm and its 100x100p, and i used the character.txt but it still wont load when i reload utau!!!! my readme.txt shows up, but it stil says no image

  8. (whisper)
    I found a solution for my bmp problem. It seems UTAU is very picky about filesizes. I used a bmp-file which was 100x100p and 29.4 kb, and it didn't work. I copied the picture into paint.exe and saved it again as a bmp, its size turned into 29.3 kb... and then I was able to use it in UTAU. I hope this helps somebody...
    :< *sneaks out of ancient comment section*