torsdag 10 februari 2011

VCV and Voicebank information

I've chosen for Kimiko Hidene to have a lite renzoku, using Teto's lite list. She will not have a full VCV, Miki however will have a stand-alone voicebank with 7renzoku - the Ritsu list.

I've started recording a lot of Kimiko's VCV already and her release date is coming up next n__n
Miki has gotten a large amount of english recorded for his v2.2. He's also had a lot of re-recording of sounds that sounded off in his v.2, yay! ANd I've fixed his vowel VCV otos. Awesome happy times, right? :3

So look forward to those things.
Meanwhile, if you want to hear samples of stuff I'm working on, go check out my Twitter - I frequently update there with clips from for you to listen to! OvO

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