måndag 10 januari 2011


Yes, so I've been recording a lot of VCV lately. I'm going to release the finished VCV later on, it's actually 7Renzoku like Ritsu so I hope that you'll like it, at least I do XD Miki sounds slightly lighter than usual so I hope that you want to use his VCV for softer songs.
Right now I've scheduled his VCV release for something around spring/summer, but we'll see - I've also decided to give him "strong VCVs" and "light VCVs" so that you won't be restricted to soft songs when using his VCV. Normal appends(CV) are cancelled until I've recorded the VCVs. I'm using Ritsu Namine's reclist for this one and I hope it'll sound good :3
So Miki Yukine VCV/Triphones v.1.0 will be released in the future. I wanna accompany his newly released CV voicebank with it so I may edit his act2 with some lite VCVs, but right now I think his vowel VCV is enough.

I won't update for a while until I've recorded a bit more so that I can upload some samples of stuff, his VCV sounds pretty n00b but still good right now so I probably won't upload anything until I'm happy with it. Thank you all for supporting Miki and my UTAU making owo

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