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TUTORIAL n.1: Editing USTs, Pitchbending & Vibrato (mode2)

TUTORIAL n.1: Editing USTs, Pitchbending & Vibrato

※ people have told me, and I've seen, that it's hard to figure out mode2 in UTAU with the pitchbends and vibrato etc. So I made this little tutorial to teach you about how to edit USTs with vibrato and pitchbending - it's very basic and not very thourough so advanced people won't need this, I guess xD
Also, my UTAU is set to english from an english patch I downloaded - go google it, I don't remember where I found it but I know that it's out there. My UTAU is also somewhat set to gibberish so I'm sorry for the weirdness, I hope you'll get it anyway :U / Puru

I'll talk a bit about mode1 and mode2 as well - so yeah.
But this tutorial focuses on Mode2 stuff.

To access mode2, click the "mode2" button in the upper right corner of the UTAU window. This will transform the interface into the mode2 one and also add the mode2 features - pitch bends, vibrato etc.

Here's a UST for "hallelujah" I just made. Note how we will be working with MODE2 and not MODE1 (so click the little "mode2" button and we're set to go! You can do this with any UST really, but yeah, just pick some random notes and play around as I will.

Now, we want to add some more "life" into this UST with vibrato - to do this, we're awesome and we right-click after we've selected the "ya"(longest note), select "pitch" and this box will show.
This is the epic box that we will be using most of the time, so I'll explain what all of the confusing things do..

1. This adds the pitch bends, or the "red strings" connecting the notes in UTAU
2 & 3. these things aren't really necessary - but they allow you to edit the pitch bends
4. write a number here (3 or 5 or whatever) to create multiple pitchbends in the same note for editing, this is pretty advanced and nothing you won't survive without.
5, 6 & 7. The vibrato meters that work the same way as 2 & 3.

Click the second box (in my gibberish english UTAU, the one that says "|r|u|||(|g") until it looks like mine (it's supposed to have a white bg with a check mark, not grey) and then click OK.

About step #4 (kinda advanced), if you write the number "3" in the little box, there will be three little boxes to drag. Dragging the second box (the one at the highest point over the i i) will make the pitch bending come out differently than if you'd added a separate note there. (can't explain) Try it out and play around with it, but not too much if you're working with a real UST.
Back to what we were doing.
Now, it should look like this. If it doesn't, go through the steps again. If it does, congratulations! OwO Right, so play the note and you'll hear the "yaAaAa~" instead of "yaaaa", it's more lifelike now. If you play around with the little grey box right under the vibrato(red wave line), you'll discover that you can edit the vibrato a lot. Play around with it~
Dragging the little red lines, or the "pitch bends", will make the notes sound more like to original as well. Make sure that you don't drag them too long or go to crazy with them or it won't sound as nice.In this case, instead of it going "hallelujaa" I wanted it to be with more feeling - so I dragged the pitch bend just a bit on the "ru" to make it go "halleluUjaa", experiment with it and don't forget to listen to the note so that it won't sound off. 

Here's a list of good tutorials/help on mode2 and pitchbending:

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  1. Wow thanks. It helped a lot!

  2. This is really really helpful, and every UTAU user should look at this at least once.