onsdag 19 januari 2011

Kawaita Sakebi UST + download~

I've been into Yugioh SO MUCH this past week, I loved it as a kid and now I'm stuck again!XD so of course I had to make an UST, yay...
it's actually my first UST in Japanese - and it has some HUUGE timing issues. It's pretty horrible.. but I've included a lot of help for you so it shouldn't be that hard. It's like the normal "editing the timing"-process, so I think it's worth a download. (I hope XD) please help me~ I don't like doing Japanese stuuuufffffff


Included is:
* the UST
* the instrumental
* a timing acapella (if you use Audacity, this will make EVERYTHING so much easier. It works for other mixing programs as well, of course :3)
* a readme.txt READ IT!! Frigg if you don't X3

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