söndag 5 december 2010

Miki Yukine v.2 / act2 release notes

YES, Miki is now finished and will be able to be downloaded soon.
There's a lot of improvements in this version, as his v.1/ALFA1.6/act1 didn't have a great oto or all the necessary soundfiles - v.2/act2 does, however, and has got a large vocalrange and samplelibrary.

Miki is recommended for pop and rock songs, with 50 ~ 190bpm and his range is recommnended as C3 - C5. His basic note, however, is B3/C4 and USTs should NOT be edited as of that. o3o
Miki is designed for singing in Japanese and Engrish, but if we get a good fanresponse we'll maybe considder developing a English or Swedish voicebank for him as well ovo

Miki is best suited for people who have downloaded the newest version of UTAU and we can't promise that he'll work otherwise.
He is encoded in romaji with hiragana aliases and comes with 1 demo song, a "terms of use", "how to use" and concept art drawing. For his first release, however, you will be able to download a RipSync model as well ^o^)/ isn't it awesome??

Miki Yukine v.2/act2 JP-CV is scheduled for release in late December.

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