måndag 20 december 2010

Development with Kimiko Hidene act3

Yes, I know that you all might miss her.
But I won't release her full body act3 design quite yet - it'll be a secret until she's released. Until then, I'll release short covers and teasers from her. Miki is almost finished so he'll be released soon enough :3
Kimiko is currently in a very odd state in her voicebank - she has multiple english and Japanese sounds, but neither voicebank is actually finished. I'll have to work on her Japanese more, but in the end I hope to release her as the Bilangual UTAU she was ment to be. I'll release short samples of her english by uploading "secret" and a short Japanese sample with "虚構の月夜"

Right now, Kimi would like to say the following to all of you who support her:
"Everyone, thank you so much for waiting for my act3! I know that I don't have that many songs uploaded, but I really really super special awesomely hope for more to be uploaded soon (heh, see what I did there with the YGOTAS-reference?). I'm also sorry for trolling many threads recently, I really am sorry. Trolling isn't nice, but it's quite fun, actually, but sorry anyways. I might be able to upload a demo of my voicebank later on (Japanese edition) but yeah, I don't know right now. If you want to chat with me, add Purufufuru on her Skype (it's Purufufuru btw) and ask for me, I'll be right there to chat with you about appends, acts and so fourth. Also.. please comment more on my videos, Miki is getting more popular than me and I CANNOT STAND how he brags about it all day with his "miruku" and his "BFF-boyfriend", jeez!! Somebody please shoot him... It's cold here in Sweden, so recording might seaze for a while, we'll se, master has a cold right now and I won't stand having to sound all nasal because of her! Kitaaaaaaaaaaaaa, right..."
/ Kimiko"
So, thank you all for supporting me in my UTAU, UST and VSQ making :3 You all have something to teach me and I learn a lot from you every day. Please continue to vote in the polls, drawing fanart and making my UTAUs sing :D

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