onsdag 17 november 2010

Release dates and other info :3

I'm so sorry for updating all the time XD Hopefully I'm not disturbing you with my constant update spamming 9__9
I'm having some slight troubles with getting used to this website/blog :U I'm not used to handling blogs either so I'm sorry if this is weird or something oAo'' meow meow..

Anyway, here's the release dates scheduled for my current projects :3

Miki Yukine ACT2 - Late December
Kimiko Hidene ACT3 - Early January/late December
Miki Yukine APPEND - Late December
Gimme Gimme Gimme VSQ/UST(ABBA) - Late November

For those of you who'd like to visit Kimiko's and Miki's Wiki pages, please click these links:
Kimiko Hidene UTAU Wiki
Miki Yukine UTAU Wiki

And please visit my DeviantArt account for design updates and more recent news as I won't update this blog unless there's something big I have to announce :3
Character pages for my UTAUs will be up as soon as I've figured this blog thing out, sorry to keep you waiting!! 9A9 But in the meantime, you can download Miki Yukine ACT2 BETA CV voicebank OUO He's a BETA and so he's not fully oto'd or recorded so please download his full blown ACT2 when it's released as well, think of this as a demo preview thing XD

Settings recommended for Miki:
Flags: g-0/Y0/g+2
RANGE: C3 - C6

And if you haven't subscribed to my YouTube channel yet, please do so! CLICK HERE to be directed there. If you have a request or question, please direct them there as I'm most active there :3

APPEND INFO can be read here. Please don't forget to vote in the poll, as well :3 I really want to make an append that you will actually download and use n__n''

That's it for now, I thiiiink :/ Please enjoy Miki's and Kimiko's singing. Next I'll try to make a duet with them, suggestions? x3
/ Puru-Cyan

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